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Jiwa Surf ScHOol, Bali

We work very hard to help you physically and mentally improve your surfing ability so you gain confidence chasing and riding waves.

Session information:

Each session is around 4 hours, which includes 2 hours in the water and an in-depth video review.

Our sessions always have 1 fully trained instructor per 2 students. We have a maximum capacity of 6 students in the water.

Price: 500,000 IDR

To book a single session email or message us on Instagam.

See our packages below.



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In water photography 

As an additional extra you can book an in-water photographer to capture all of your waves! This price is per person & you will get all of the shots.

350,000 IDR  – group session 

1,200,000 IDR  – private session




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