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Barrel Sessions in uluwatu

In surfing, there is a thing that many strive for. It is to get “inside” of the wave. We call it getting into the “barrel,” or into the “tube, curl, green room or pipe.”

When you are perfectly into that wonderful watery pocket there is a certain sound that is unmistakable. It’s a sound that once you have heard it you wanna hear it again and again. Like the angels singing. Combined with the feeling of the cover up it is more or less the ultimate surfing experience.


How to get inside a Barrel?

The hardest part of catching a barrel is finding the wave in the first place. This will only come with experience. The more experience you have, the better you’ll be at wave judgment.

Once you can spot and assess waves with regularity, you’re ready to put yourself in position to ride your first tube. Keeping this in mind, you’d want to look for that perfect line.

As with yin and yang, the answer is the middle path or the path of balance. You don’t want to be too high up on the face of the wave because you risk losing speed and falling off. If you’re too low, the lip will smack you in the head.

Ride the middle and think of yourself like a bullet shooting through the rifling of a barrel.

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Our Coaching Style

Video Review

Barrel Sessions


Jiwa Surf are definitely the best surf coachs on the island. Monot always takes into consideration your skills, chooses the surfspot for you carefully, and he can also help with overcoming your mental fears if you have any, he pushes your limits slowly. I improved so much!

Their whole team is very well organised, and provide an amazing service! Highly recommend them!

– Reka


Jiwa surf lessons are definitely the best in Bali! I have improved so much. Monot and his instructors go above and beyond to help you improve your surf! They know exactly where to take you for your level, and give a very descriptive video analysis after every lesson.

I would highly recommend Jiwa Surf for surf lessons in Bali!

– Sophie


Monot is by far the best surf coach I know. He’s not only an extremely talented surfer, but also highly professional and well organized. He puts his heart and soul into the sessions and takes the time to check the photos and videos, analyze what you did, and gives you great advice as to how you can improve. I hope he’ll teach me how to get barreled one day 😉

– Greg